Meet Grace


Meet Grace!

Meet Grace, an adorable little girl with a fondness for laughing. Her caregivers note that she smiles and becomes excited when she hears familiar sounds or her favorite songs. She can roll over and is capable of sitting up with a little support.

Grace is missing her right eye and her left eye is smaller than normal. This has caused her to be blind, which in turn has slowed her development to a certain degree. She is catching up, but she was lagging behind other children her age for a period of time. She does respond to sound and would love for a family to help her learn and develop like a normal little girl.

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Meet Emerlyse! Emery is a sweet little girl who is 3 years old. She has no vision, and really needs a family. Emery’s update from last fall said she was not walking unassisted, but would easily walk holding someone’s hand. She had not been trained to feed herself, but they were working on toilet training at that time. Emery’s earlier photos show a bubbly, happy, and engaging little one. Her more recent photos show a different little girl…quiet, reserved, and a bit sad. Hopefully, they caught her on a bad day, but she most definitely needs attention and love. Emery needs a family who will work with her, love her, and treasure her. And she needs them soon. We would love to see her smile again!

For more information on Emerlyse , please visit her page on Reece’s Rainbow